Company Overview

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Since its inception in 2008, it has been active in domestic and overseas steel

industry as well as automobile parts, nonferrous metals, ceramics Design,

manufacture and supply of eco-friendly and highly efficient industrial

furnaces and environmental facilities for firing By providing

various solutions such as non-automation and energy rationalization,

DJ Engineering have received trust and love.

Company Name DJ Engineering Co., Ltd.
Establishment December 11, 2008
location Head Office - D-2304, Smartvally, Songdomirae-Ro 30, Yeonsu-Gu Incheon City, South Korea 21990
Factory - 100, Yulchonsandan 4-Ro, Yulchon Industrial Complex Haeryong-Myeon, Suncheon City Jeollanam-Do, South Korea 58035
Business Field Industrial Furnace and Energy Diagnosis Project
Sales of environmental facilities and parts
Contact E-mail : / website :
Head Office : Tel. +82 (70) 7528-2284 / Fax. +82 (32) 837-5025
Factory : Tel. +82 (61) 725-2284 / Fax. +82 (61) 725-2286

Company History

  • 2018. 06  Signed exdusive contact with YAMATO of Japan for high efficiency metal immersion heater (ALHYPER X)
  • 2018. 03  Moved Head-office to Mirae-ro 30, Songdo Smart Valley Yeonsu-Gu Incheon City, South Korea
  • 2016. 11  Yulchon Factory completed in Yulchon Industrial Complex, Jeollanam-Do,South Korea (land 6,574.1m², building 1,650m²)
  • 2016. 11 Acquired construction license for mechanical equipment construction (competition 2016-10-46)
  • 2015. 10  Certificate of Venture Company (Small & Medium Business Corporation)
  • 2015 .07  Registered patent for waste liquor treatment device (Patent No. 10-1535780 / Patent No. 10-1582428)
  • 2015. 06  Acquired certificate of safety and health management system (OHSAS18001: 2007)
  • 2015. 05  Acquired cerfificate of exclusive R&D
  • 2014. 07  Development of Waste Castone Treatment System
  • 2012. 05 Moved Head-offie and Factory of DJ Engineering Co., Ltd. to Shiwa Industrial complex
  • 2012. 01  Patent of coffee roasting (No. 10-2012-0016358)
  • 2008. 12  Established DJ Engineering Co., LTD.

Management Philosophy

DJ Engineering Co., Ltd. will continue to pursue research and challenge with
the goal of being the best in the world and not being satisfied

Human-nature harmony

Human-nature harmony

Human beings and nature can be combined

into one. Developed as environment-friendly


Realizing Valuable Energy

Realizing Valuable Energy

Infinite finite energy Energy creation

DJ Engineering's Commitment

DJ Engineering's Commitment

Challenges and innovations to grow with

customers A trustworthy company